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Invisible Spool Knitting Starter, EXTRA SMALL, Wire Crocheting

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Product Descriptions:
DESIGN BY: Yael Falk.

NOTE: This item is patented.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The content in this tutorial including All pictures and text were taken, wrote, and copyrighted by Yale Falk, a.k.a Yoola Design.

A tool to make invisible spool knitting even easier than before, with the new ISK starters developed by Yael Falk (Yoola Design) to specifically accommodate the needs of Wire crochet knitting and follow her patterns.

Extra Small ISK Starter, for 4 loops based patterns.

Together with your purchase you will receive access to a video explaining in detail how to use the ISK STARTER you have bought. If you already have one or more of Yoola Designs patterns you will probably wont need the video :)

Please note that this listing does not include a full project pattern, the patterns are for sale on separate listings.

The ISK STARTERS are made of quality plastic and are currently available in 4 sizes:
1) Extra small ISK Starter, for 4 loops based patterns
2) Small ISK Starter, for 12 loops based patterns
3) Medium ISK Starter, for 24 loops based patterns
4) Large ISK Starter, for 40 loops based patterns.

Take a quick glance at these designs, ISK Starter made these designs very easy to make:

For more Yoola Designs, check out Yoola Designs Wire Crochet Jewelry Patterns.

Buy ISK Starter complete set at discounted price, or If you wish to purchase other size of ISK Starters individually, check out Supplies section.

P/S: Contact Yael Falk (Yoola Design) for more information or assistant.

Following password protected video shows how to use this tool to make wire crocheted jewelry! (A document with password enclosed will be available for download once payment being processed!)

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