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YoolaDesign:ONLINE VIDEO YooLaCuff, Crocheted Wire Jewelry Tute

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Product Descriptions:
DESIGN BY: Yael Falk.

NOTE: This item is entitled for 20% discount, learn how.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The content in this tutorial including All pictures and text were taken, wrote, and copyrighted by Yale Falk, a.k.a Yoola Design.

This item is available in PDF format ONLY too: Click to download: YoolaDesign: YooLaCuff, Crocheted Wire Jewelry Tutorial

YooLaCuff is on Marie Claire! And now you can make yourself one as well!

A stunning 1.9"(4cm) wide crocheted cuff using 14k Gold Filled Wire. This impressive piece is at the same time modern and classic.

YooLaCuff is double layered, what gives it extra presence and a special glamorous look. The cuff is created using a crochet hook and fine gold filled wire in a rare technique.

The tutorial is very detailed with many images, and explanations, anyone can follow it and create the cuff, no special knowledge is required, only two hands and good eyes.

It makes a wonderful gift for any age.

Please note all rights reserved to YooLa (aka Yael Falk), and it is prohibited to make commercial use of the tutorial and/or the pattern.

Please note this listing is for the PDF only and does not include the necklace itself. The cuff is for sale as well on Etsy, by Yoola.

Experience level: BEGINNER

Tutorial has 15 pages and 8 steps.

The ZIP format document will be available for download immediately once the payment is processed, containing both PDF file and TXT file that tell you the online video's URL. If you do not see the download link, it might because of the transaction is still being processed. Please check back later and it should be accessible at your Profile page.
File size: 532KB

You will need Acrobat reader to view the file.

PLEASE DO NOT LEND TO OTHERS, SHARE AMONG FORUM, SHARE AMONG FRIENDS, COPY AND MASS PRODUCE THE DESIGN OUT OF IT, OR USE THIS AS JEWELRY CLASS/WORKSHOP MATERIAL. Please do not copy text, pictures, or any resources from within this tutorial, this tutorial is meant for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Yael appreciate any help in protecting her and her creations/designs/resources - please keep in mind that PLAGIARISM KILL CREATIVITY AND SHARING. And if you would be so kind, please give a credit to Yael if her tutorial inspired you or helped you in your jewelry making journey, it would be greatly appreciated!


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