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CoparAingeal: Captured Sunburst, Wire Jewelry Tutorial

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Product Descriptions:
DESIGN BY: Julie Lockhart from CoparAingeal

Julie is on Etsy too. Please feel free to visit and contact her for finished products.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The content in this tutorial including All pictures and text were taken, wrote, and copyrighted by Julie from CoparAingeal.

This tutorial will teach you how wire wrap a teardrop shaped cabochon, the bail and the twining and weaving techniques.

The tutorial is 20 pages long, in 57 fully illustrated easy to follow steps. This tutorial is recommended for the Intermediate/Advanced wire wrapper. You should have a basic understanding of weaving and hand forming basic shapes.

This file is 862 KB.

- Teardrop shaped cabochon approx. 30mm x 20mm (1 1/10inches x 7/10inches)
- 92cm (60.4inches) of 20g round, dead soft, wire
- 3.20m (10 1/2ft) of 28g round, dead soft, wire
- (The wire measurements are for the stone that I am working with, lengths will vary based on your stone selection)

Chain Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Nylon Jaw Pliers
Wire Cutters

The PDF format document will be available for download immediately once the payment is processed. If you do not see the download link, it might because of the transaction is still being processed. Please check back later and it should be accessible at your Profile page.

You will need Acrobat reader to view the file.
PLEASE DO NOT LEND TO OTHERS, SHARE AMONG FORUM, SHARE AMONG FRIENDS, COPY AND MASS PRODUCE THE DESIGN OUT OF IT. Please do not copy text, pictures, or any resources from within this tutorial, this tutorial is meant for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Artist appreciate any help in protecting her and her creations/designs/resources - please keep in mind that PLAGIARISM KILL CREATIVITY AND SHARING. And if you would be so kind, please give a credit to the designer and if his/her tutorial inspired you or helped you in your jewelry making journey, it would be greatly appreciated!


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